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"No health practitioner listens like Carol Moy. This already makes me feel better. Carol has the ability to pull out shades of meaning to get to the heart of the problem. I am 65 years old and for the past several of those years I have had painful spurs on the tops of my feet. My podiatrist said they would need to be removed surgically. I consulted Carol and within a few weeks of starting a homeopathic remedy the pain subsided and subsequently ended.

I have also received insight into some long-standing emotional problems and gained confidence in healing them. I believe that many people can be helped by homeopathy, especially with Carol."

-- Sandy C.


"I will give anyone who is looking for a fabulous homeopathic expert your name and number. I use my 'crampless miracle' as proof that your work is excellent. Thank you for all your help. I'd love to keep in touch.”  -- Anita C.


"I have suffered from combinations of headaches and stomach, chest, and back pain during periods of stress. Carol gave me a remedy that makes these mostly a thing of the past . Occasionally, during periods of extreme stress, my symptoms resurface, but another dose of the remedy sets me right. Thanks Carol!  -- J.N.


"I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain and occasional fatigue. Carol Moy has been a great source of comfort and healing in my continued quest for the right combination of all that it takes to keep working and living in a virtually pain free environment with as much energy as possible...Carol is knowledgeable and patient...she is a pleasure to work with and be consulted and treated by...I strongly recommend you give Carol your time, and she will give you her best efforts." -- Deb S.


"Carol’s success at homeopathy has a lot to do with her analytical abilities. She utilizes a variety of techniques to get a clear picture of not only the ailment she’s trying to remedy, but also of the patients themselves. An advantage she has in this area is that she’s extremely personable. Based on her track record within my family, her analysis and resulting remedies have been extremely accurate." -- Patricia T.


“It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for Carol Moy and her homeopathic practice. When I think of Carol, I think of dedication, discipline and determination. It has been my experience, that whatever Carol undertakes, she brings to it a level of seriousness and discipline that creates a foundation for her success. Carol is someone who does her homework. She has an ability to keep her sights set on the end goal and employs determination to overcome obstacles in her way. Whether she has applied this to a successful engineering career, learning to complete a complex home repair or taking the great leap of re-training herself for a career in homeopathy: her modus operandi is the same.

Carol has a ‘fire in her belly’ about bringing the benefits of homeopathy to people. She wants to help individuals and her community at large. Combine this with her discipline and determination and there is no doubt in my mind that she has the skills and attributes needed to succeed. Knowing with her whole heart and mind, the benefits of homeopathy to improve ones health and overall well being, Carol is committed to seeing homeopathy become available as a viable option to the average person through education and experience with homeopathy. Bringing this health care option to children and families that are struggling with health-care issues could have a profound impact. The potential benefits to the individual participants and their families and to the larger community are compelling. No one will work harder or more thoughtfully to see these goals to fruition.

Carol is a ‘natural’ in a healing profession. She has a truly compassionate, thorough and thoughtful manner and takes time with every person she treats. Carol has treated me and my family of 5 (my husband, three children: 7, 7 and 11) for a myriad of complaints with many good results. My two youngest have never received antibiotics, and my oldest only once many years ago. This is almost unheard of in this day and age. I'm glad to help Carol in any way I can to more fully develop her potential as a healing practitioner.” -- Janet K.


PTSD is not just a condition I would identify with those who are exposed to war situations. PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So just as the words describe, it is the after affects of what the human body experiences after being exposed to a traumatic event or events. As an engineer I think of it a little like exceeding the elastic limits of a piece of steel. That is to say, you have stressed the steel beyond its ability to spring back to it's original position (or state). When an individual doesn't have a way of escaping or dealing with the traumatic environment they are faced with, the body changes in such a way to live within the limits of that trauma.

I stated in the beginning that PTSD is usually associated with soldiers at war. But my experience was in a family situation. How many times have you heard about dysfunctional families? I never would have thought that I would have been affected the way I was from being exposed to the behavior of my family. So if you think you may have been similarly transformed by what may be commonly called "coping" with a bad family situation, look for a homeopath for relief.

Carol and I have developed a (unique) special relationship. She has been able to rescue me from the very debilitating after affects of my dysfunctional family experience. At first I didn't realize how I was affected. I noticed my energy level had decreased. My ability to concentrate and focus had diminished. I used the analogy of someone turning the dimmer switch on my brain, including my vision. It was almost like a permanent hang-over. I just didn't feel like myself, but didn't know why, or what had caused it.

I went to see a local homeopathic practitioner who took my case and prescribed a remedy but it didn't help me. Out of frustration, I decided to try a remedy I had taken in the past that I had found relief from when I had experienced stress from my job. The remedy had a very positive change that improved my eye strain and my energy level. But with that, it lifted that protective cloud cover in front of me that now exposed the situation back home that I had been exposed to. That situation now haunted me.. like PTSD does with soldiers. I asked myself, "why can't I switch this off". I had been exposed to this before, but not with the same intensity and duration.

So Carol and I went to work to describe just what sensations I was feeling and more importantly, what was the nature of the emotion I was feeling, fear, anger, resentment, indignation, challenged communication, insecurity or what? I felt a lack of confidence, I felt out of control and felt it difficult to concentrate with the tension in my solar plexus, and gas in my stomach. I was awakened at 4 AM most mornings trying to figure out what it was that was causing it. What was I feeling, and what feeling or emotion was it associated with? She was able to work with me to pinpoint the nature of the emotion and prescribed a remedy that quieted the emotional energy. Slowly I was able to sleep through the night. I used the remedy during the day as I would also experience the gas and tension in my abdomen as my thoughts would be drawn uncontrollably like a moth to a light bulb to those events back home that I could do nothing about. The remedy was able to control the anxiety and quiet the tension, like the soothing feeling of running cool water over an area of your body you just burned. Over the course of a few weeks, the remedy finally quieted the energy associated with the specific anxiety and another type of energy showed up that required another type of remedy. After all, there are many types of emotions that one experiences in reaction to uncomfortable situations.

I am happy and amazed to say that Carol and I "made it through the woods". It wasn't easy and didn't seem possible at first. She was a great cheer leader telling me that I would be alright. I was a mess. I couldn't understand how I had gotten into such a state of mind, but miraculously the light appeared at the end of the tunnel. I was back to my old self.. perhaps better than my old self.           --Joe C.


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