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Homeopathy is the most widely used alternative system of medicine in the world today!

Homeopathy is a rather unique healing modality in that it is very efficient at bringing together the mind-body connection. When a remedy is a really good fit to the person's illness (homeopathic), both mind and body experience relief together and the issues related to the illness become rather evident. Other healing modalities that work mostly on the body  may not be as effective at resolving illnesses that have a strong mental-emotional root.


Homeopathy is also in stark contrast to the conventional medical approach. In conventional medicine, symptoms are not seen as an expression of something deeper. It has the mindset of addressing each symptom individually, as it comes along: killing germs with antibiotics, inhibiting biochemical pathways with drugs or operating to remove defective parts or replace with artificial parts. The cause is never discovered or addressed, which allows the disturbance to persist and reek further havoc in your body. Homeopathy takes the opposite approach... it has the mindset of understanding the nature of someone's struggle, and then providing a remedy that stimulates the mind and body to make corrections using its own resources. Symptoms disappear as a direct consequence of eliminating the cause. The homeopathic approach is designed to restore you to health and not to simply continue to manage symptoms.


Where there is physical illness, there is always mental and/or emotional illness as well, and vice versa. There is no such thing as just a sore throat,  just insomnia, or just depression. The key to homeopathic healing is to find your symptoms addressed by a remedy that matches your current physical ailments and mental-emotional stress. Finding a true solution to illness is a process of uncovering the source of the problem, and then stimulating the mind and body to make appropriate changes given one's newly-found awareness.  Sometimes it feels like growing wiser, maturing, learning to let things go, being confident and empowered to set out on a new path, or just a deep sense of calm that things will work out.  When your body is calm and relaxed, the immune system is very efficient and the body can repair itself.  Conversely, when physical ailments ease, it's easier to relax and feel more confident and optimistic. The net result of homeopathic treatment is reinforcement of the fact that the body can repair itself given the ability to return to a place of calm.  Over time, confidence in the mind-body connection grows so that sickness triggers a reflexive search for what is bothering you.   In the process, you weed out behaviors, reactions and feelings that are unhealthy and unproductive and replace them with ones that help you to achieve your goals.


Recommended Reading:

A good book for the novice to read is by Dr. Timothy R. Dooley, ND, MD, entitled: "Beyond Flat Earth Medicine".  It explains how homeopathy is so very different from western medicine.  You can read the first edition on line at this site:

1. There are many remedies that address different types of disturbances and symptoms. They are FDA approved.


2. You need a remedy that matches your disturbance... not just a particular symptom, but the whole mind-body picture.


3. When you take a remedy, the better the match, the more help you'll get.

  •      A good match stimulates your body, mind and spirit to heal what you have.

  •      A poor match produces little effect. Try again.


4. Anything which has been suppressed must eventually come out. The longer it was suppressed, the longer it takes to come out.

  •      Painful emotions and fears must come to the surface to be released.

  •      Release of disturbance in the mind progresses to release of disturbance in body.     Release of disturbance in the body progresses to release of disturbance in the mind.


5. Once disturbances in both mind and body are released, you experience true health. No need to keep on taking remedy!

Homeopathy Summarized in 5 steps:
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