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Certified Classical Homeopath, Carol Moy

Carol Moy, CCH is nationally certified as a classical homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She also holds an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from The School of Homeopathy. The school has a highly respected training program in classical homeopathy and is internationally recognized.


Prior to homeopathy, she studied physics and electrical engineering, having earned degrees from Vassar College, Dartmouth College and Cornell University. Her first career was as an electrical engineer at high tech giants, Lucent Technologies and Tyco Electronics. Her interest in homeopathy was prompted by the changes she saw in herself and her family after starting homeopathic treatment for themselves. After much soul-searching, she decided to leave her career in the high-tech world and follow a path that is closer to her heart. She has been practicing homeopathy since 2006.


Carol Moy has learned to view illness as a challenge and a pathway to finding the underlying disturbance. Having spent years in electrical engineering learning to make things work, she knows that diligence and persistent pursuit usually leads to finding the problem area and being able to fix it. She finds homeopathy particularly exciting because of the physics that makes it work. (You probably have to have to have a scientific background to really appreciate how scientifically advanced this field is!) The engineer in her likes to think of homeopathy this way: In the same way that your cell phone uses a matched filter to sift through the sea of transmissions to find information destined just for your phone, taking a homeopathic remedy is like setting up a matched filter in your body to get you the specific information that you need to heal!


Carol Moy is not a medical doctor. As such, she offers homeopathic consultations as a tool for enhancing one’s natural ability to fight disease. Clients are urged to consult with their medical doctors if they feel the need for medical attention.

Helping you to resolve your health complaints naturally makes her day!

I used to have to go to the emergency room.  Now, thank God, no more asthma!"  Maria C.


"The pediatrician was impressed.  She wanted to know what I had given her."  Regina G.


"I'm back to sleeping again.  No more sleepless nights and being tired all day."  Ed H.


"The chest and stomach symptoms have gone away and I don't go around thinking I'm going to have a heart attack anymore."  John N.


"We opted not to give her the strong antibiotic the doctor prescribed.  We gave her the homeopathic remedy and some other natural remedies and she recovered nicely."  Janet K.

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