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Restore balance & resolve underlying stress, so the body can heal itself!

I receive a lot of calls from people who have been using conventional western medicine for years, trying their best, following their doctor's advice, getting relief from some symptoms, but in the end are left with a debilitating chronic disease that the doctor has no good answer for.   They are usually  worn out, in pain and desperate to find something to help themselves regain some energy and some of their original life and health back.  I applaud the fact that they are finally opening their horizons to the possibility of alternative medicine... however, their timing really stinks!  


Alternative medicine should be the first approach when you feel that something is not right, not the last resort.  ... or if you need to make a gradual transition into the realm of holistic medicine, try an integrative approach where you add homeopathy to your regimen.


What most people don't realize is that conventional western medicine tries to eliminate each symptom as it comes along; It does nothing to cure the underlying problem.  Each medication comes with a side effect (which is really just your body's way of saying that the underlying problem is still there) and that's why they end up the way they do.


What most people have lost sight of is that we all possess natural healing ability.  If we are not healing on our own given a reasonable amount of time, then it is because we are stuck in some way, not able to get ourselves out of the state that allowed the disease to take hold in the first place.  To heal, you need to get 'unstuck'.  We homeopaths do that by understanding why and how you are stuck and giving you a remedy that will help you move from that stuck place... in essence, helping you and your body realize that there is a way to return to health... it just requires that you take a different approach or stance in life.... the one you are taking is inherently unhealthy and needs changing.


Said another way, sometimes we are just too tired to see a way out, or too angry, too sad, too worried, too hurt, too unappreciated or too something.  So we give a remedy that helps to alleviate the feeling, and then the healing begins to happen.


So, do yourself a favor, and come see me soon.  Don't wait until you're worn out and desperate!


-- Carol Moy, Certified Classical Homeopath





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